Friday, April 6, 2018

Where to find The Stitching Bee

Where is The Stitching Bee? The cross stitch shop is located in Green Bay Wisconsin. It is a house filled with counted cross stitch. There is only one person who runs it and works there. The shop is blessed with lots of help from special Stitcher's. But as only one person social media is a difficult problem.
   I was recently  told only old people run brick and mortar shops and the reason we are failing is because we are not up on social media.
    This has bothered me- as a one person business my time is spent in many ways. I have had a web site, blog but have found face book a better place to spend my time. The Stitching Bee also has, twitter, instagram and has considered doing floss tube. If I do it will be call Bee Hive but I'm not sure there are enough hours to do that.
    Please support your local cross stitch shop! Thank you Pricilla and Chelsea for supporting The Stitching Bee!

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